Julia Fox has not had any conversations with Kim Kardashian since she started seeing Kanye West.


Julia Fox has discussed her relationship with Kanye West and whether or not she remains in touch with his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Fox was quizzed on when she last spoke to West and whether or not she and Kardashian had been in touch following their individual breakups with him. She said that she hadn’t spoken to Kardashian or West and that the last time she spoke to West was several years ago.

I haven’t talked to Kanye in over a year, and even though I was in the same city as Kim, we didn’t really talk much.

Fox reflected on the time they shared a “really spacious room” and recalled feeling like they were floating above the ground. He explained that he was in one area of the room and the other guy was in a different section of the same room.

While talking to Cohen on WWHL, Fox pondered on her brief relationship with West, saying, “As much time as a minute passed, really. In reality, it lasted no longer than the time it takes to blink. As if to say, “Hey, now you’re with Kanye!””

‘I don’t think he has any idea what my whole name is,’ she joked. As an added bonus, “Middle name” is part of my official name. It was confirmed that Fox and West had split up the following Valentine’s Day 2022, a year after their initial meeting on New Year’s Eve 2021 in Miami. Despite this, it was said that the two were still close.

After being together for over seven years, Kardashian filed for divorce from West in February 2021. They had four children together, and in November 2022, the divorce was finalised.

While speaking to The New York Times in March 2022, Fox mentioned that she and West’s romance couldn’t last because of their busy schedules. In her words, “I really tried hard to make it happen. I led a very active life, which left little room for another dominant character. Unfortunately, the status quo could not continue. Within that month, I was able to shed about 15 pounds.”

Fox noted that she and West never used the terms “boyfriend and girlfriend” to describe their connection, but it was evident that she saw herself as an actor in his film. She pointed out that he orchestrated their connection and made all of the decisions. To “alleviate the pressure on Kim,” Fox claimed in a TikTok video posted in November 2022.

She claimed that the man was acting normally toward her and that she had no idea of his contentious history when they first met.

Fox admitted that the Kardashians had always been an inspiration to her and that her current boyfriend had not yet done anything “excessively public” before they got acquainted.

Fox revealed that the rapper frequently attempted to contact her via text message but she avoided responding out of uncertainty about pursuing a relationship with someone so publicly prominent. She added that dating a celebrity is risky since they are rarely like their portrayal in the media.

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