BREAKING: Border Agents Just Made a Terrifying Discovery at Our Southern Border

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The Border Patrol nabbed two Pakistani men with ties to terrorism at the U.S.-Mexico border in just the latest incident of illegal aliens from Muslim nations using the Southern border as a point of entry to the U.S.

Although the DHS is refusing to comment on their method of entry, one report claims that, once caught, they attempted to claim asylum as Syrian refugees.

From the Washington Times:

Muhammad Azeem and Mukhtar Ahmad, both in their 20s and from Gujrat, were caught Sept. 20 by agents south of San Diego and just over the international border from Tijuana. When agents checked their identities through databases they got hits on both of them: Mr. Ahmad popped up as an associate of a known or suspected terrorist, while Mr. Azeems information had been shared by a foreign government for intelligence purposes.

Both men had been processed two months earlier by immigration officials in Panama, suggesting they took advantage of smuggling networks or other routes increasingly used by Central American illegal immigrants to sneak into the U.S.

It comes as lawmakers on Capitol Hill are increasingly worried about potential terrorists gaining entry to the U.S. through its southern border or taking advantage of lax screening elsewhere in the immigration system.

The southern land border remains vulnerable to intrusion and exists as a point of extreme vulnerability, Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, wrote in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson last week demanding answers about how many people in the FBIs terrorist screening database have been caught at the border.

Evidently there are criminal organizations and individuals with the networks and knowhow to facilitate illegal entry into the United States without regard for ones intentions or status on a terrorist watchlist, Mr. Hunter wrote. The detention of the two Pakistani nationals underscores the fact that any serious effort to secure our homeland must include effective border security and immigration enforcement.

The FBI is beingtight-lipped about this incident, according to sources, leading to speculation there may be political pressure to keep concerns about terrorists posing as refugees quiet.

FBI agents who were brought in to interview the two men, refused to talk about the case, saying it had no information to provide.

Three of the terrorists who carried out the November attacks in Paris came into Europe claiming to be Syrian refugees two using false identities. It is possible the two Pakistanis may have done the same at the U.S. border…but the Feds arent talking.

The Border Patrol turned the men over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which said they have been in custody since September and are being held while they face court proceedings.

Other incidents have raised questions about the extent to which terrorists can take advantage of smuggling networks in Latin America.

A year before the two Pakistani men were caught, the Border Patrol apprehended four Kurdish men who said they were part of the Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Front/Party, which is listed by the U.S. as a terrorist organization. Mr. Johnson, the Homeland Security secretary, said the four were actually members of the Kurdish Workers Party, which is also listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

The Washington Times reported last year that the four men had paid $8,000 each to be smuggled from Istanbul through Paris to Mexico City, where they were kept by a smuggling network before being driven to the U.S. border. Their trip highlighted the existence of smuggling networks capable of getting terrorists from the Middle East to the U.S. border.

Earlier this winter two Syrian families sparked a furor when they showed up at the U.S.-Mexico border demanding asylum.

As Top Right News previously reported, a CBS Atlanta reporter discovered through court documents the Obama Administration had tried to keep sealed that 300 terrorists from the Somali Al Queda group Al-Shabaab have entered the U.S. and are unaccounted for. That group was behind a terror attack at a Kenyan mall in 2013 that killed 67 people.

Terrorists potential entry points into the U.S. have been hotly debated since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, which saw many of the hijackers enter on legal visas but remain in the country after their permission had expired.

The woman involved in the recent California terrorist attack was admitted on a fiancee visa.

This incident will only bolster claims by GOP frontunner Donald Trump that the only way to fully secure the nations interior from Muslim terrorists is to build a wall, and to restrict all importation of persons from Islamic nations.