BREAKING: Bill Cosby Charged With FELONY Sexual Assault; Warrant Issued

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by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A prosecutor in Pennsylvania announced criminal charges against Bill Cosby on Wednesday morning.

Cosby has been charged with aggravated indecent assault, a first-degree felony, according to Kevin Steele of the Montgomery County district attorneys office.

The AP has full details:

While Steele did not mention the victim by name, The Associated Press reported that the charges relate to the alleged drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand in 2004.

Though the accusations are not new, Steele said the case was reopened after authorities saw evidence in previously sealed court documents and heard of allegations against Cosby from other women.

Reopening this case was not a question. Rather, reopening this case was our duty, Steele said.

The charges were brought against Cosby just days before a 12-year statute of limitations ran out.

More than 50 women have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual assault and unwanted advances, but these are the first criminal charges filed against him.

Regardless of the merit of the charges, Cosbys image is now completely destroyed. The iconic comic who ruled the 1980s airwaves is now a symbol of sexual violence to the public, and one senses this wont be the last charges filed.


In 2005, Constand became one of the first women to publicly accuse the comedian of sexual misconduct. At the time, the Montgomery County district attorney declined to pursue charges. Constand later sued Cosby and they settled out of court for undisclosed terms.

In Constands civil lawsuit, she claimed that Cosby drugged her with an herbal pill, groped her and digitally penetrated her, according to Vulture.

Cosby and Constand shared a connection with Temple University. She was the director of operations for the universitys womens basketball team and Cosby was a former athlete at the college.

Hed invited Constand to his Pennsylvania mansion ostensibly to discuss her career. Instead, an attack allegedly took place.

The victim considered Mr. Cosby a mentor and a friend, Steele said Wednesday.

Constand had twice rejected Cosbys advances, but a combination of drugs and wine, which Cosby supplied, left her unable to resist, Steele said.

She was frozen, paralyzed, unable to move, according to Steele.

Case documents indicate that there were 13 unidentified women who described similar experiences with Cosby.

Cosbys attorney did not immediately respond to media inquiries.

Truly sad. But it also makes one wonder…how are Cosbys actions any different from that of Bill Clinton? And how is it the rapes allegedly committed by the former Arkansas Attorney General and Governor are able to be ignored, while Cosbys are splattered on the headlines?