Breast cancer is one of the serious concern among women. It is increasing dramatically in United States since year 2000. In between 2002 to 2003, it was dropped 7% but since then the rate is increasing. Studies suggest that there is a connection between hormones and cancer. Decrease in cancer may be directly related to hormone replacement therapy (1).


Nutrients that are lethal to breast cancer

A study done in 2013 at LSU health science center identified that there are super compounds in vegetables, spice, roots, and fruits that has chance of killing cancer to 100%. The studies say that there is no harm or side effect of these compounds (2).

One of the main cause of repeated breast cancer is small group of stem cells that survive therapies. Dr. Madhwa raj said that these cells have ability to regenerate, so it is necessary to develop effective methods and new approach to fight breast cancer (2).

It was when team started testing compounds in grapes, turmeric, broccoli, apples, and tofu. They decided to focus research on curcumin, indo-3-Carbinol, isoflavone, Resveratrol, C-phyocyanin, tea and vegetables. They first tested initial three compounds and combined results. They found that results were effective and killing breast cancer was possible. The result show that growth of breast cancer was surpass up to 80%. The compounds in super foods were able to clear 100% cells of breast cancer (2).

Where to find this Superfood compound?

Dr. Shailaja G Rj is a gynecologist having expertise in endocrinology and fertility. She know how breast cancer is for women, based upon her findings she wanted this superfood compound available to women (3).

She know that this super compound is helpful for women to fight breast cancer. She has collaborated with Protogene Corporation to develop this compound. It is now available on website of Protogene (3).

This compound is recommend to patients, but its a fact that there is still study need to be done due to lack of research (3).