Jin Shin Jyutsu -is an ancient form of Japanese art of healing, which helps balance the emotions, thanks to the stimulation points on the hands. The basis of this learning is based on the following principle: every finger is associated with an organ which corresponds to a certain emotion.

How the Fingers of Our Hands are Inextricably Connected with the Organs in Our Body. The Secret of Harmony of the Body and Soul

If you have to act on a body, hold your finger with the other hand and hold it for 3-5 minutes. During this time, breathe deeply. You can also do a general harmonization of your body, if you do this with each finger on the hand.

The organs of the body that are associated with your fingers:


The organs: stomach and spleen.

Emotions: anxiety, depression and anxiety

Physical symptoms: abdominal pain, skin problems, headaches, neurosis.

Pointer finger

The organs: kidneys and bladder

Emotions: disappointment, fear and confusion.

Physical symptoms: muscle aches, back pain, toothache, indigestion.

Middle finger

The organs: liver and gallbladder.

Emotions: indecision, anger, irritability.

Physical symptoms: problems with blood circulation, menstrual pain, vision problems, fatigue, frontal headache, migraine.

Ring finger

The organs: lungs and colon.

Emotions: negativity, sadness, fear of rejection, unfortunately.

Physical symptoms: tinnitus, respiratory problems, asthma, skin diseases, digestive problems

Little finger

Organs: heart and thinly revo

Emotions: worry, anxiety, nervousness, lack of self-esteem

Physical symptoms: heart disease, pain in the throat, stomach bloating, problems with bones.