Do you only buy seafood that you know the origin of? If not, you will be stunned to find out what youre eating. Reports made to Bloomberg claims that the seafood we consume is not exactly fed on what it should be… Once again, be reminded to give your vote with your fork for the kind of food you expect to eat!

Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) one hot September day, workers at Ngoc Sinh Seafoods Trading & Processing Export Enterprise, a seafood exporter on Vietnams southern coast, stand on a filthy floor sorting shrimp. The floor is covered in garbage, and flies buzz over baskets of processed shrimp piled in a room without air-conditioning in Ca Mau.

Everywhere else Ca Mau, shrimp for the U.S. market is packed in dirty plastic containers by Nguyen Van Hoang.

The shrimp is then covered with ice made of tap water, although the Vietnamese Health Ministry advised boiling the water before drinking it because of the risk of bacterial contamination.100 million pounds of shrimp are exported to the US by Vietnam every year.

It accounts for almost 8% of the shrimp Americans eat.

Microbiologist Mansour Samadpour warns that using ice made from tap water in Vietnam is hazardous because it can spread bacteria to the shrimp, reports Bloomberg Markets magazine in its November issue.

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